Extra services

Extra services

Let us take away your worries!

We know that doing business internationally has become more and more complex. Think about complexity in pricing, there are more customs rules than ever and on top of that, you need to take into account all the different local requirements, such as packing services, arranging the necessary cargo screening, and so on. While all of this can be very complicated, our team at Embassy Freight Services is very knowledgeable about all of these procedures. For them it’s a walk in the park! Let us take away your worries, so you only need to focus on expanding your customer base! We’ll deliver the cargo to your customer on time, following all the correct procedures. If you take out our Embassy freight insurance policy on top of that, you won't even need to consider the risk of something happening during the transport of your cargo.

  • Arrange transport from A to B 

  • Provide service from A to Z

  • Follow all rules and procedures

  • Deliver at a fair price

Our team of experts is ready!

We have yet to meet a challenge that we couldn’t overcome. Having open communication with our clients, partners and team members, we have succeeded in arranging all types of cargo all across the globe. If you have a difficult transport challenge, we want to hear about it, we're ready for it!

Working near the Port of Hamburg

Our Hamburg office is situated near the port of Hamburg, with its diverse possibilities. Thanks to our location we are perfectly positioned to service Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland, as well as the Nordic countries! 

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