Meet our team

Happy staff is the key! 

Not only do we want what's best for our customers, our staff are just as important! Our modern offices in Hamburg are equipped to keep everyone comfortable and our company culture is one of inclusivity, it feels informal and friendly. In fact, if you're ever in the neighbourhood, do come and join us for a coffee, so you can see for yourself!

Meet Frieda! 

Our chief happiness officer

Frieda is responsible for the mental and spiritual health of all our employees. As soon as anything goes wrong, you are upset or simply need a short break, Frieda is immediately on hand for a game of fetch, or to give you a quick cuddle! 

Meet our Team

Our easy to reach staff is eager to assist you with whatever requests you might have. We have a no-nonsense culture and will always reply in a clear, straightforward and honest way.

  • Informal company culture
  • No nonsense mentality
  • We go the extra mile

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